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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In addition to changes in legislation and the company policies, we reserve the right to make changes to the content of the site, which the site user agrees to implicitly.

By registering on this site you are giving us the right to contact you electronically and provide you with any kind of information related to company products.

Use of the trademark and other copyrighted content of the company is prohibited on other sites, meta tags, print media or other information without prior written agreement with the company.

products are sold in stores and online stores at the same time, so there is a possibility that the product will be sold in-store when adding a product to the card at the site. Our company will provide you with information about it during the ordering process.

If you are denied a transaction by the system, you will immediately be informed of that and provided with the reason for transaction refusal.

The company is obliged to fulfill its obligations to the customer on-time processing and delivery of the order.

Before ordering from the site, the user must register and subsequently authorize it.

Please do not disclose your username and password; the company does not bear any responsibility for any other person's use of your username and password. If another unauthorized person accesses the Company's website and uses our services, you must notify the Company so that appropriate action is taken.

The customer must provide the company with valid information in order to deliver the order to the customer in a complete and timely manner. 

Prices are given in national currency, Including VAT. Prices, offers, and promotions can be changed at any time by the company.

By registering on this site you agree to the above terms and agree to adhere to them.

Terms of delivery

The terms and conditions of delivery apply to all orders made between MBC Ltd and customer  at

Delivery Fees:

The delivery cost of up to 1000 GEL throughout Tbilisi is 5 GEL. If you purchase an item worth than 1000 GEL, you will be offered the item for free.

Please note that the cost of transportation in regions is determined by the place of delivery.

Our courier will deliver the desired item to you within 3 days after ordering on the site throughout Tbilisi, and no more than 7 days in the regions. Please also note that courier service does not include the delivery of items to your door.

Terms of warranty 

To avoid misunderstandings, please carefully read the terms of warranty and service conditions on the warranty receipt.

Warranty Service:

Warranty service means the free repair of the item during a warranty period on the basis of the warranty voucher, which is filled in by the authorized representative of the company when purchasing the item. ( if the device is not able to be repaired, it should be changed with a new one or Alternate product.) 

Service is provided on the basis of the manufacturer’s warranty conditions at the manufacturer’s authorized service centers by highly qualified technicians.

If a defect is detected, the product should be presented to the authorized service center. If the problem is confirmed, the product is subject to change or repair after the appropriate procedures and relevant technical based report issued by the Service Center.

The customer must present the device with an undamaged box, full packaging, and without any mechanical damage, physical defect or scratches.

The repair period shall be no longer than 45 (forty-five) calendar days from the date of submission of the device subject to repair to the Authorized Service Center. 

In order to receive warranty service, the holder of the item shall submit to MBC Ltd a warranty voucher.

In order to carry out warranty service, the manufacturer's operating rules shall be observed in accordance with the instructions given.

In case of hard disk drive (HDD) damage and/or other kinds of damages, the service center disclaims any responsibility for the loss of information stored on it.

The warranty is void, if:

The warranty does not apply to software, up to five pixels fault,  accessories, or if device consumables are used in violation of exploitation conditions, as well as if the damage is caused by liquid.

The item is exchanged for the item having the equal value or more (covered by the difference) - the item available for sale at the time of exchange.

During the exchange, the item’s value shall be determined by the price paid at its purchase.  

In the case of Force Majeure, the company may, without the agreement of the Customer, make any adjustments to these Terms, Warranty Liabilities, and Repair Terms.

These warranty terms shall take effect from the moment the product is sold.

 In the case of online purchase, The product can be returned or replaced only if the product's characteristics do not match the descriptions of the technical characteristics of the site and its visual side. The product can be changed within two business days from the delivery date.  

The Internet Store does not return and does not change the product if the Customer no longer considers the item in possessions, the purchased item does not justify his expectations or other similar reasons. 

Thanks for choosing us.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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