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Thinkable Tactile Graphics Design Suite


Thinkable Tactile Graphics Design Suite / 17

Thinkable Tactile Graphics Design Suite (TactileView Design Software, Tactipad Drawing Tablet, Audio Reading System) 

  • This fully accessible tactile graphics system allows both sighted and visually impaired user the ability to create exceptional tactile graphic.
  • Draw raised graphics instantly with the Tactipad Drawing Tablet. Attach a digital pen and these images can be store electronically
  • Use the drawing tools within the TactileView Design Software to create custom graphics with a mouse.
  • Browse the online catalog of thousands of pre-made images within the software
  • Teaching math? Use the graphing module within the software to automatically graph formulas that can be embossed. You can even add Nemeth braille labels!
  • Import or scan images and convert them to simple line drawings and convert them to simple line drawings
  • Use the editing tools within the software to transform the images into a usable tactile graphic!
  • Add braille and audio labels for more interactivity
  • Send to a braille embosser, swell-form or thermoform machine for a tactile printout 
    NOTE: Compatible with most braille embossers but for best results use an INDEX V4 Embosser.
  • Explore the tactile image with your hands alone or use the Audio Reading System with the digital pen to navigate the graphic with audio feedback.
    The price is determined individually for each order - ფასი განისაზღვრება ინდივიდუალურად ყოველი შეკვეთის დროს 
    See Video Thinkable Tactile Graphics Design Suite
Thinkable Tactile Graphics Design Suite