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Omegon DOBSON Telescop AdvancedX N 203/1200


Omegon DOBSON Telescop AdvancedX N 203/1200 / 12852

Type Reflector
Type of build Newton
Aperture (mm) 203
Focal length (mm) 1200
Aperture ratio (f/) 6
Resolving capacity 0,58
Limit value (mag) 13,3
Light gathering capacity 820
Max. useful magnification 400
Tube weight (kg) 10,2
Type of build Crayford
Connection ( to eyepiece) 2
Mounting type Dobson
Type of build Dobson
GoTo control no
Tracking no
Type Rockerbox
Material Wood
Included accessories
1.25'' eyepieces Plössl 25mm - 1,25
Finder scope 8x50
Miscellaneous eyepiece tray
Total weight (kg) 20,4
Series Advanced X
Special recommendation yes
Area of application
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation not recommended
Astrophotography no
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
recommended for
Beginners yes
Advanced yes
Experienced amateurs no
Omegon DOBSON Telescop AdvancedX N 203/1200