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Omegon Telescop AC 70/700 AZ-2


Omegon Telescop AC 70/700 AZ-2 / 12850

Type Refractor
Type of build Achromat
Aperture (mm) 70
Focal length (mm) 700
Aperture ratio (f/) 10
Resolving capacity 1,64
Limit value (mag) 11
Light gathering capacity 100
Max. useful magnification 140
Type of build Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece) 1,25"
Type of build AZ-2
Mounting type Azimuthal
GoTo control no
Tracking no
Height (cm) 67-119
Material Aluminium
Type Tripod
Included accessories
1.25'' eyepieces Super 20mm, Super 10mm
Finder scope LED- finder
Barlow Lens 2x
Deviating optics 1.25", 90° star diagonal
Total weight (kg) 4
Series Basic
Special recommendation yes
Area of application
Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies not recommended
Nature Observation no
Astrophotography not recommended
Sun not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)
recommended for
Beginners yes
Advanced not recommended
Experienced amateurs no
Omegon Telescop AC 70/700 AZ-2